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Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe and Premium 2021 Review

Norton – a name that is synonymous with security. A brand that is known for its repertoire of world-class security products. Products that have been safeguarding the likes of Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS gadgets not only against online threats but offline security threats as well for decades. Their most recent software, Norton 360, takes… Read More »

How to protect your data from ransomware

The world bore witness to a massive ransomware attack on May 12th, 2017. It took the relatively unknown threat of malware and made it a massive security concern that everyone from the average Joe to world leaders were talking about. The WannaCry ransomware – which was weaponised thanks to an exploit from the National Security… Read More »

Norton Core – new level of wi-fi security

Computer security company Norton recently unveiled their latest home security device, which is designed to protect Wi-Fi networks, the devices that are connected to those networks, and your entire Internet of Things. The device is a first for the company, which is known for providing antivirus protection software for computers. It’s called the Norton Core… Read More »

Norton Security Standard vs Deluxe vs Premium 2016

Norton Security came about back in September 2014 and people have been questioning which version of Norton is better ever since. Is it Norton Security Deluxe or Premium? People have also been wondering which one is not just better, but netter for them personally. The question has been made even more difficult to answer with… Read More »

Norton Security Deluxe 2016

Norton Security Deluxe gives you great malware protection with one of the smallest and simplest interfaces around. It’s not the fastest scanner in the world, or that impacts your computer the least, but you will find that it works hard in the background when you aren’t running a scan. The downside is that it significantly… Read More »

Norton Security 2015 – get all benefits in a single package

With Norton’s security product able to protect up to five devices in one household including Windows, OS X systems, iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. It not being the cheapest of major security suites is perfectly understandable. It also has one of the most attractive user interfaces we’ve come across. It has a clean… Read More »

Norton Security Pros and Cons

As it is usually the case with all antivirus software, there is always a good and a dark side to them. Norton Security is a good antivirus but is not perfect. So, here are some pro and cons that comes it. Pros   Modern UI Update Norton updated their UI and it looks great! Norton… Read More »