Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe and Premium 2021 Review

By | January 25, 2021

Norton 360

Norton – a name that is synonymous with security. A brand that is known for its repertoire of world-class security products. Products that have been safeguarding the likes of Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS gadgets not only against online threats but offline security threats as well for decades.
Their most recent software, Norton 360, takes security to an entirely new standard altogether. Owing to its relentless addition of security and privacy protection features, Norton has made a name for itself and not just as an antivirus solutions provider. The brand is slowly but surely challenging the status quo as it establishes itself as a 360-degree security suite.

Reasons Why Norton is Considered the Master in the Business

  • Complete Protection Against Malware: When it comes to the security of Windows, Mac, and Android, Norton has time and again proved itself with brilliant products that perform exceptionally.
  • Unlimited VPN: Norton is among the few antivirus solutions that provide an unlimited VPN free of cost. Most other brands restrict their VPN to 200MB/ day.
  • 100% Guarantee Against Viruses: The brand is so confident of its ability to keep your systems safe from viruses that it offers a money-back guarantee for any virus they can’t remove.
  • All Round Protection: Apart from virus and malware, Norton offers a range of services like stolen wallet protection, dark web analysis, monitoring of credit transactions, as well as an insurance policy of a million-dollars against identity theft, especially for its American customers.
  • Parental Controls: Putting control into the hands of the parents, Norton lets you put parameters in place restricting the kind of content your children can view or download.
  • Additional Features: Most advanced packs include a cloud backup facility (2GB – 100GB), webcam privacy protection, an efficient firewall, and a smart password manager.
  • Complete Base Level Protection: Norton’s key antivirus solution, AV Plus is its basic, entry-level pack. Though it does not come with the VPN, it offers complete virus protection at a very reasonable price.

Though Norton is considered the leader of the game, it gets a few minus points on account of the following drawbacks:

  • Limited Identity Protection: Norton’s identity protection features are restricted only to customers in the US.
  • Limited Features for Mac Users: Certain features like webcam security protection, cloud data backup, and parental controls are available only for Windows, not for Mac users.


NortonLifeLock, which has a huge range of products, has covered almost all prime operating systems for 30 years now.

Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton Antivirus Plus is by far the most basic scheme. It is meant for those looking for basic antivirus solutions, but don’t need additional features of privacy protection. It is accessible on Windows and Mac, not on Android or iOS devices. Installation is available on a single device per subscription.
The primary features are as follows:

  • Real-time Protection- against all kinds of malware like online and offline viruses, spyware, and ransomware
  • Efficient Firewall- that tracks the device’s interaction with other computers and blocks unauthorized access
  • A Password Manager- to enable users to create and manage secure passwords
  • Online Threat Protection- that is a browser extension to protect your private and financial data when you are online
  • Cloud Backup Storage- 2GB of storage space available for PC. Please note that this is not available on Mac

Norton 360 Standard

Norton 360 Standard is an extension of Antivirus Plus. While its installation is possible only on one device, it is available for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also includes certain significant features:

  • Norton Secure VPN – When it’s connected to your system, it encrypts your internet traffic. This enables you to be totally anonymous online and safe from the attack of hackers. Norton is one of the few antivirus software providers to have customized its own VPN and to make it available for free with its antivirus package. It’s indeed a generous gesture that makes Norton remain ahead of its competitors.
  • PC Safe Cam – This prevents hackers from using spyware to click pictures with your webcam without your awareness.
  • Dark Web Monitoring – American customers get this useful feature, which verifies whether your personal data, such as, emails and addresses, are up for sale on the dark web domain.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe includes every feature from the Standard version, It can be installed on as many as five devices instead of just one.
Moreover, it has another feature called ‘Parental Controls’. This feature helps you locate your children, both online and offline. This implies that their phone not only has a normal GPS tracker, but also an online GPS tracker that reveals what kind of videos they usually watch; what apps they download and use; which websites they visit and spend time on.

Norton 360 Premium

For non-US customers, this is Norton’s highest level of security and privacy protection. It offers exactly the same features as the Deluxe version, but it can be accessed on ten devices instead of five.
Norton 360 Select / Advantage / Ultimate Plus
These are Norton’s greatest protection levels and standards for its US-based customers. They comprise all the above-mentioned features and exclusively include an additional feature, i.e., identity theft protection.
The list of its features is, in fact, quite extensive and requires a separate review, but some of the key elements are as follows:

    • Identity Restoration Specialist – This is a customer service agent particularly trained to help you in case you become a victim of identity theft.
    • Stolen Wallet Protection – In case your wallet gets stolen or goes missing, you can connect with Norton for help in canceling your credit cards, insurance cards, social security cards, and driver’s licenses with immediate effect.
    • Million-dollar insurance – Depending on your package you get an insurance cover of up to 1 million dollars for theft of money, personal expenditure, and litigation fees.
    • Credit Monitoring – Especially important in the event that cybercriminals have access to your ID. Any misuse on their part can impact your credit rating.
    • SSN & Credit Alerts – Instant alerts in case your Social Security number or credit card details are used/misused to apply for a loan, or credit card, etc.

And the exhaustive list goes on! It’s commendable to see what all Norton is able to offer to its customers in a manner that is quite different from that of other antivirus software providers. Do visit their website to learn more about them.

Norton Mobile Security

NortonLifeLock’s antivirus solution called Norton Mobile Security is meant for Android and iOS devices. Although the quality of the protection features is the same on both platforms, the Android version includes a wider range of features and provisions.
Users of Android have access to App Advisor, which safeguards the device against different kinds of malware like ransomware, privacy leaks, and adware. Norton Mobile Security for Android can also notify the user about spam calls and potential frauds.
Both versions include Web Protection, Device Security, and Wi-Fi Security. Wi-Fi Security signals whether it is safe for the device to connect to a certain network, only after thoroughly scanning the network, which could be private or public. Web Protection protects the device against malicious sites, apps, emails, and both text and multimedia messages. Device Security safeguards the operating system and protects confidential and sensitive data on the phone in the case of theft.

Security & Performance

NortonLifeLock, formerly called ‘Norton by Symantec’, is the company that is credited with the antivirus software solution. It is one of the most supreme companies in the world known to make software for cybersecurity. Of late, it has changed its name from Norton Security to Norton 360.


NortonLifeLock’s primary antivirus achieved great results in the recent Windows security tests pertaining to the German AV-Test. It accomplished the perfect score of 6.0 on five consecutive appearances, either superseding or matching up to standard benchmarks set by the industry in all test subcategories.
AV-Test has also tested the macOS version of the program. In the five most recent appearances in AV-Test trials, Norton performed superbly, scoring 6.0 in Protection every time. All versions of Norton performed well above the average industry standards.
Norton Mobile Security, renamed as Norton 360, is also a great performer at AV-Test trials. In the last five appearances, Mobile Security/360 occupied a position among the best options for Android. It scored as high as 6.0 on each occasion. It also scored equal to or above average score in each of the sections.
AV-Comparatives, the antivirus testing organization based in Austria, has tested Norton’s Windows products so far and are yet to run tests on macOS, Android, or iOS.
In the last five tests, which included real-world and malware protection tests, Norton exhibited superb performance and reliability. Norton consistently achieved great results in the Offline Detection Rate category and performed even better in Online Detection Rate and Online Protection Rate. It at times achieved 100% scores.


Antivirus performance tests analyze the programs’ load or burden on a device. The device slows down if the antivirus is a heavy one.
The Windows version of Norton 360 attained brilliant scores in the recent AV-Test. Norton scored quite highly in all five of its appearances. AV-Test finds out how fast a device can download a file, launch a website, launch a desktop app, install an app, and copy files with and without the antivirus software.
AV-Test recently assessed the performance of the macOS version of the package or program. The combined results proved actually astounding, with Norton scoring 6.0 every time it appeared in the test. In the latest tests, the program caused zero slowdowns while copying files.
Such impressive results were also achieved in the performance tests by AV-Comparatives. Norton received plenty of ‘Very Fast’ ratings and a few ‘Fast’ ratings on the last five occasions. Norton has performed outstandingly well in all the quality tests conducted so far.