Geat features of Acronis True Image 2017

By | February 2, 2017

Acronis True Image 2017

There are many developers of data backup software that have made this kind of software their sole specialty. Acronis has become a leader in the cloud storage industry, as well as data backup, and their cloud storage service comes with the same desktop app. This app may have a bit of a learning curve, but it’s still sleek, modern, and easy for new users to get a grip on.

Today we’ll be looking at how easy Acronis True Image is by looking at the design of the app, how long each process takes, and the amount of options users have for each of these steps. Home users need their apps to be easy to use, and data backup software in particular needs to be easy to use because everyone wants to protect their files in the event of data loss.

Backup Performance

When it comes to ease of use during backup we gave Acronis True Image 2017 an A-minus. The process takes between two and six steps to complete, but you don’t have a lot of options for each step. The result is that the chance for user error goes down drastically. The app has a modern interface, with symbols used to show which feature is which. These symbols are the only learning curve brand new users can expect to run into and it’s hardly much of a learning curve. Even so, we prefer text over symbols. There’s no guesswork involved with text.

The only thing remarkable about the backup performance was the speed. It earned an A-minus for this, but just about everything else was average. We weren’t too impressed by the data compression and the CPU usage but we have to admit the speed was incredible. It was backing up an average of 1.45GB per minute. With this speed you could back up a full 1TB in around 11 hours. The peak speed clocked in at around 1.53GB per minute, which is only an 80MB difference.

Restore Performance

Of course, good backup software is nothing without good restore performance. The good news is that Acronis True Image 2017 earned an A-minus from us as far as ease of use during restoring data goes. There were only five steps involved in initiating data restore. Once again the only learning curved involved is knowing what the symbols mean. It’s not difficult to pick up though, even for newbies.

Both the restore speed and the CPU usage during the restoration process were about average. Our tests had an average restore speed of 1.05GB a minute, which is a little slower than how quickly it backed the data up. The peak restore speed, however, clocked in at a very impressive 2.53GB.

Advanced Features

Even though Acronis True Image is one of the easiest apps for backing up data there is, you shouldn’t confuse ease with simplicity. The truth is that this app has some great advanced features for IT managers. Users can create a full-system image, clone disks, and archive backups. It’s also possible to sync files across multiple computers and store backup data on the cloud. Acronis actually give you 500GB of free cloud storage that’s yours for a year at no additional cost.

There are three levels of encryption you can protect the data with. 256-bit encryption is the most secure option. As you change the encryption process it also affects the speed of the backup and restoration process. The better the encryption the slower the backup, so you should encrypt only the really sensitive data with 256-bit encryption. The lower priority files can then be encrypted with a less-secure encryption method so you can still enjoy the blazing speeds offered.

Help and Support

Acronis Backup for PC users can expect to have plenty of support and help built in to the program. The app features its own help menu where you can find plenty of useful information all laid out in an easy to use and understand format. Acronis also keeps an online help database including FAQs, tutorials, and live chat, email, and phone support options. This level of customer support is a rarity with software developers.


We can say that Acronis True Image 2017 is one of the best data backup software packages we’ve seen because it backs up data at lightning speeds and is super easy to use. It also has plenty of advanced features such as cloud storage. It might have average CPU usage, data compression, and restore speed, but this data backup app is a powerhouse in all the right places.