Norton Security Standard vs Deluxe vs Premium 2016

By | May 6, 2016

Norton Security

Norton Security came about back in September 2014 and people have been questioning which version of Norton is better ever since. Is it Norton Security Deluxe or Premium? People have also been wondering which one is not just better, but netter for them personally.

The question has been made even more difficult to answer with the recent release of Norton Security Standard. Now there are three options and everyone is just a little more confused. Now both users and potential buyers need to look even harder to fairly compare the three programs to see which one has the most benefits for them.

To help you better understand the three different Norton Security products and choose for yourself the one that is best for you we’ve compiled this table. It has information about all of the three products including the benefits and unique features of each one. Now it’s much easier for you to compare the products and decide for yourself which is the best one. We tried to ensure that every detail you need is in the table. There is information on the core features which is the main thing you need to focus on when comparing them. Comparing the core features will make it easier for you to compare the products and help you make the right choice when deciding between Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium, and Norton Security Standard. If you’re interested in using Norton to backup your computer then straight away we can tell you that you need Norton Security Premium. It’s the only version that comes with this feature. The table below will give you a better idea of the three products and which one is right for you.

  Norton Security Standard Norton Security Deluxe Norton Security Premium
Full Price (Check our coupon codes) $59.99
$39.99 (33% off)
$49.99 (44% off)
$59.99 (45% off)
Maximum Number of Protected Devices Across any Operating System 1 5 10
Supported Operating Systems Windows, Mac OS®10, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OS®10, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OS®10, Android, iOS
Money back guarantee if the program fails to remove a virus Yes Yes Yes
Protection for multiple devices No Yes Yes
Backup and restore features No No PC
Online storage space included No No 25 GB
Possibility to add more online PC storage when you need it No No Yes
Access to Premium family protection features No No Yes
Free 24/7/365 support Yes Yes Yes

We can use the table above to look at the Norton Security products and compare them. When we compare them we find out the following things:

  • Norton Security Standard will only protect a single device. This may sound bad but it actually means it is the best choice if you only want protection for a single Mac or PC device.

  • Norton Security Deluxe can protect both PC and Mac by supporting both Mac OS X and Windows computers. It also comes with Norton Mobile Security that is able to protect your Android and iOS smart devices including tablets, Android phones, iPads and iPhones. This kind of versatility means that Norton Security Deluxe is a good idea if you have a wide range of products you want to protect.

  • Norton Security Premium does everything that the other Norton Security products do and has some unique features. It is able to backup your PC and restore it, and offers you 25GB of online storage offered by Symantec for your most precious files.

When you’re comparing Norton Security products and looking at the dollar-to-dollar value of them then think about the devices that you’re protecting and how many devices you need to protect. If you need to protect more than one product, but less than five, and you aren’t that interested in PC backup and online storage then Norton Security Deluxe becomes the best choice for you. If you need to cover more than five devices then you will need to get a copy of the Norton Security Premium as it is the only one that protects 10 devices. It’s also a good idea anyway because it gives you backup and restore options for your PC. Though obviously if what you have is a bunch of iDevices then the backup won’t help much because it isn’t Mac compatible.

If you need online storage then Norton Security Premium is once again the best choice as it comes with 25GB of online storage. It’s only $10 more which is good value given that it protects twice as many devices, has backup and restore functionality, and comes with so much extra online storage. This is enough to put Norton Security Premium ahead of Norton Security Deluxe.

Something important that you need to remember is that there is almost always a promotion going on. You can either get your hands on a coupon code for a discount at the checkout or an instant saving. The coupons we offer for Norton Security, as well as the coupons we have for other products, are typically only for a particular region(s). You can find all of these coupons on the Norton coupons page. It’s a good idea to take advantage of these promotions when you can. A lot of people see price as the deciding factor when they make a purchase. Antivirus protection is something that you can’t really afford to go the cheap route with. So always keep an eye out for our coupons and other promotions so you can save money and get the best product for you.

So to put it simply; if you’re only interested in protecting one device then go for Norton Security Standard. If you want to protect more than one device but aren’t that interested in online storage and backing up your computer with Norton then go for Norton Security Deluxe. If you want to back up your computer, have access to plenty of online storage, and have a wide range of devices, then it’s worth paying just $10 more to get a copy of Norton Security Premium.