Acronis True Image 2016

By | December 9, 2015

Acronis True Image 2015

Acronis has opened its 2016 consumer range, with Acronis True Image 2016 handling all your local backup needs, and the new Acronis True Image Cloud 2016 adding lots of improved cloud tools.

As in the case with other Acronis products, the installation of this new software package requires entering a 64-character serial number in order to switch the software from trial to full functionality mode. After the installation, the software will be automatically registered to the user’s free Acronis account. If you do not have a free account, you can easily create a new account, protected by your email and password.

Features & Functionality

The package’s strong mobile supports means that the Cloud edition can back up videos, pictures, events, and contacts from iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows tablets, and seamlessly transfer them to other devices.
Desktops aren’t left out. You’re now able to free up some drive space by “smart archiving” and move the little-used files to the cloud. With its Bitlocker-encrypted partitioning capability and unlimited storage, you can use True Image Cloud as much as you want.

No more confusions over maintaining licenses for up to 5 computers and 15 desktops or more. Monitor all your devices from a new online dashboard.

The package also comes with all the local backup functionality of the previous editions. You can back up folders, files, hard drives or partitions, to local or network drives, with your own backup scheme, schedule, encryption, notifications, exclude filters, pre/ post commands, and more.

After being inexplicably dropped last time, True Image 2016 brings back the feature “Try&Decide.”  This handy feature allows you to take a system snapshot, then carry out some potentially risky actions, install a new program, and maybe, optionally revert back to your snapshot if there are problems.

Also, some interface tweaks to the program have made it easier to use, with a better backup and recovery performance.

The latest version of True Image claims to be 50% faster than the competition when conducting backup and restore tasks, and I am not going to argue about this. With regards to security, you get AES-256 encryption, and the Acronis servers are placed in areas where they do not come under the remit of the US Patriot Act, and thus avoiding any issues that might occur. This software has been optimised for use with Windows 10. It will also run on Mac OS X 10.8 and later, or Windows XP (SP3) and later.


Acronis True Image Cloud 2016 is priced from $99.99 for 1 computer and 3 device licenses, $69.99 as an upgrade, and runs on OS X and Windows XP-10.

If you don’t need online backup, then Acronis True Image 2016 is actually the same program but without the cloud subscription. The price starts from $49.99 for 1 computer license, and is also available for OS X and Windows XP-10.

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