Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 – proactive protection from the background

By | May 22, 2015

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 is an essential product for any PC user who wants to fight against latest threats and viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits and much more. It provides the best protection while seamlessly integrating with your PC. With the use of its intelligent scan, it brings proactive protection from the background without compromising your performance.


At the level of pricing, Kaspersky offers various options to suite your needs for one or more PC’s. There are a lot of features and tools offered when the complete security suite is bought. The following prices are for annual subscriptions which offer automatic virus updates throughout the subscription term. You are offered a discount if you get 2 or 3 years but we think their 3 PC product option is the best deal to take home.

1 Year Protection Subscription:

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 can be obtained in two ways; you may either get a download version from their website (www.kaspersky.com) or order it at a discount on our site. Check our offers for Kaspersky Antivirus using this link. The boxed antivirus only comes with a 1 year subscription and a 3 license option. Don’t forget! You get a “14 days no questions asked” money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied.


Kaspersky presents a really great deal with lots of features for a stand-alone antivirus. It offers a high level of protection by looking for malicious patterns of activity and alerts the user fast enough while blocking these dangerous actions before they can cause any harm. Kaspersky security offers the Hybrid Protection feature which uses the cloud. With this, users can easily connect to their network and stop emerging threats.
Programs installed on your PC might contain vulnerabilities. Kaspersky’s vulnerability scanner goes through all of them to expose these threats. The tradition “right click and scan” on files and folders is also available.
When a malware is detected, the File Advisor reports it to their network so as to permit other user to be protected against this threat as well. Kaspersky also instantly checks websites and links to see if they are known to be unsafe.
Keyloggers will be unable to get your keystrokes since Kaspersky offer a virtual keyboard to use whenever you are entering sensitive data like credit card numbers and passwords
Say goodbye to big update files! With Smart Update, uses very little PC resources and frequently download updates. Kaspersky also has a gamer mode which will block pop-ups but still scan your system using little recourses so as to maintain your gaming experience.
If harmful changes are done by malwares, the Kaspersky System Watcher will help you look through records and restore to an earlier time.
Kaspersky Recue Disk can be done on a USB drive or CD which is an efficient tool in case your PC is infected in a way you can’t even boot. In case you have troubles installing the software due to existing viruses, you can get their proprietary scanning tool to clean your PC and install again. Kaspersky can also be configured not to scan when your laptop is on battery power.

Ease of Use

Kaspersky has a quick an automatic setup, with the default setting perfectly configured so novices don’t have to worry about anything but clicking the next button. It presents a simply and clean interface with important feature accessible by a single click. It also has a lot of settings and customization option for advanced user. All activities carried out can be easily seen and understood with a simple and illustrative report.
Your protection status is displayed at the center of the interface with either a green check or a yellow exclamation point which indicate that everything is good or your attention is required respectively. There is also the red X, when a problem or an infection had been detected. A click on the status leads to a fix operation. Kaspersky also make your status visible through desktop gadgets for windows that support this feature.
Protection Level
Today’s malwares are made very intelligent and some even made to look like legitimate antivirus or internet security programs. Your PC might get infected just by opening an email or visiting a website without you noticing any change. Kaspersky provide a sophisticated form of protection against all these threats.
Your computer is monitored in real time with new threats rapidly taken care of. The Hybrid Protection or Cloud Protection Technology is a system we recommend you take part in.
When your computer is connected to this network and a new threat is detected, it is sent to the network where it is analyzed and its signature rapidly added to an update. This new detection signature is then pushed across the network automatically to PC’s. In this way, 0-day threats are stopped before becoming a big problem.
Kaspersky doesn’t only protect you from virus but also from rootkits and phishing attacks by scanning your web traffic, IMs and emails.
Both the AV Test (www.av-test.org) and AV Comparatives (www.av-comparative.org) independent real world antivirus protection test Kaspersky Antivirus 2015. These are two much respected, independent antivirus testing companies. They both reported that Kaspersky’s protection against 0-day threats as well as protection and prevention against widespread threats is the best. Kaspersky also received a 100% score in these areas. Of most other popular antivirus tested, Kaspersky had the best protecting against malwares with a score of 99%.


The detection process works extremely well while using very little PC resources. The iChecker and iSwift technologies scans your files in a more cleaver way. It only scans recently open or modified files since the previous scan. When you require your PC’s full resources, the back end scan is automatically stopped.
Since early in the morning your PC is most likely not used, it is of best practice to set a full system scan during this period. Kaspersky was outstanding! Having ZERO false detections of malware and ZERO false warnings or blockings of certain actions.
Kaspersky being well design and easy to use, also comes with great support. In case of any additional help, you have access to their North American based technical support available via phone (8AM-9PM EST), email (24/7), and live chat (9AM-9PM EST). Alternatively, you may access a wild rage of knowledge base, user forum, video tutorials, and a suite of virus removal tools and information about some well-known, hard to remove, viruses. The disk image of the rescue disk mentioned above can also be found online. Plus, their support staff is very friendly and has a mastery of their products.