Norton Internet Security 2015 – designed to protect you at all levels

By | May 20, 2015

Norton AntiVirus

There are a lot of security products in the market but, Norton Internet Security 2015 is one of the most prominent. Its tools and features were conceived to bring you maximum protection at every level, with things like security for android mobile phones and Facebook link scanner.
However, the antivirus falls a bit short compared to antivirus software like Bit Defender and Kaspersky.
Norton protects all your directories against everyday threats like spyware, adware, trojans, worms, keyloggers, viruses and much more. Also, any device connected to your PC has no way to infect you since it is scanned for threats before being permitted to run.


Results published by test labs reveal the fact that Norton actually protects from all types of malware. When connected to the web, it scans and provides a report and ranking of each URL presented to you during searches or when Instant Messaging. Even those links from Facebook friends and other social media site are not left unchecked. Norton scans all these links so as to protect you from social media scams and virus threats.
It uses a multidirectional firewall that checks and blocks all incoming and outgoing data which is detected to be a potential danger to your security.


Norton includes security for your Android mobile devices and provides Facebook and social media link scanning.
It has parental controls that help you protect your family and children from online threats.
Norton allows you to create a bootable recovery disc when your OS is infected and cannot start.
It provides reports on all links you are about to click which prevent PC infections.
It provides a variety of scan options which include schedule scans and limit scans.


No Virtual Keyboard is present in this version of Norton Internet Security


All the goodies mentioned above and much more, combine to make Norton an outstanding product for the PC and Android mobile protection.
Norton comes with Identity Safe, which is a password manager in addition to other tools to keep your identity and login details out of reach. This is done by having your usernames, passwords and even credit card details stored safely and automatically entered for you when necessary. This way, keylogger will be unable to record them.
The Norton Pulse is a feature that will regularly run updates for you every 5 to 15 minutes. This way you don’t download heavy updates but small packages at short time intervals.
Our kids and families are never too safe! With this in mind, the parental control can be used to create user profiles for each and every family member. This will help you restrict inappropriate or harmful sites from your children visit, as well as monitoring when and how often they go online. Also, it will record all websites visited by them and their activities.