Norton Security 2015 – get all benefits in a single package

By | March 19, 2015

Norton Security 2015

With Norton’s security product able to protect up to five devices in one household including Windows, OS X systems, iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. It not being the cheapest of major security suites is perfectly understandable.

It also has one of the most attractive user interfaces we’ve come across. It has a clean functional and accessible UI. Also, during the installation, you get a great user experience with animated slideshows which makes the installation process a little less boring.

The full pack brings a lot of useful features like Firewall and anti-malware tools to anti-spam protection, social network protection and a web-based password generator.

Some hard disks tools are also made available. You get a file clean-up tool and a startup manager. In terms of web security, Norton provides the Safe Web browser toolbar which verifies web pages and links while you’re searching and browsing, this is done without you being forced to use a particular search engine or browser. Identity Safe stores and retrieves passwords and auto-complete settings from the cloud and links it in neatly with Norton’s mobile phone apps.

This package also included remote lock and wipe features to protect smart phones while also scanning apps for phishing and malware. Scan “notification-free” by putting Norton on silent mode during any chosen operation.

Automatic action after detection reduces repetitive clicking and let you decide when you want to be prompted. Although some infections are very aggressive, Norton provides the Norton’s Power Eraser for an aggressive repair.

If you need one of the best antivirus out there then we really recommend Norton with 99% of threats and tending to deflect them rather than neutralize them in place. Also, it’s a little similar to Kaspersky to odd prompt and block a legitimate application but that’s just security suites and their everyday behaviors.

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