Norton Security Pros and Cons

By | February 24, 2015

Norton Pros and Cons

As it is usually the case with all antivirus software, there is always a good and a dark side to them. Norton Security is a good antivirus but is not perfect. So, here are some pro and cons that comes it.



Modern UI Update

Norton updated their UI and it looks great! Norton presents an elegant user interface that works with the keyboard and mouse or Windows 8 touch controls and, they maintained the same color scheme as before. It also provided easy navigation by the use of taps to leave from one section to another e.g. from Security to Identity tap. You can use the links next to each command in case you want to know more.

Smaller Scans Time

If you thought last year’s Norton 360 was fast then you’ll be glad there was some improvements at the level of scan time. A Quick scan takes less than a few minutes and you could surly spare over 15 minutes for a complete scan. The thorough antivirus engine swept up all the standard malware and adware we made available during our test and for those who want to update and go, post-scan behaviors like PC shutdown and hibernation are made available.

First-day Alerts

Norton Security addresses the issue of first-day exploits with a cloud-based approach. Norton compares scan results with which it is able to warn you about potentially malicious files on the web. With the cloud-based scans, the Norton Security local definition size is greatly reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. The antivirus still keeps a small local definition to watch out for prevalent troublemakers for your offline scans.

Not Just an Antivirus

Norton Identity Safe, a password manager that secures your personal information, is vastly improved. You can now Sign in to different websites and applications without putting your identity at risk. Online payments and financial transactions are also well taken care of. The service works pretty flawlessly after the initial setup.


Fewer Subscription options to choose from

Consolidation of suites during these past months has reduced Norton’s pricing flexibility. For just $10, Norton Security with Backup provided cloud storage in addition to double the device coverage. But, without a lower-tier price option Norton risks alienating its limited-use customers who are interested in protecting just a handful of devices. You are given a 30-day trial of the new Norton if you decided to test the product so as to see if it suites your needs before making a purchase.

Uninformative Tutorial

Norton could do some improvements at the level of the tutorials provided. The product manuals made available can be overwhelming to an average user. Performing tasks like configuring Norton’s Firewall is very challenging.

In Conclusion

Norton Security unites Symantec’s services in one improved product. You no longer have to choose between Internet protection and an antivirus suite. The numerous tools provided could look overwhelming since the tutorial doesn’t really explain their functionalities.

Furthermore, Norton demonstrates why it’s a household name with improvements to its several time award-winning antivirus engine, which can scan faster, alert you to release-day vulnerabilities, and more.

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