Norton Antivirus – old version is dead, new PC security concept is ready

By | February 4, 2015

Norton Antivirus

“Antivirus is dead!” said the senior vice president for information security at Symantec, Brian Dye. This was mentioned during his interview with The Wall Street Journal last weekend. It surely sounds shocking coming from Symantec when their Norton security has been trusted by many PC users over the year, but let’s face it! In today’s world, complete computer security is just an illusion. No matter how hard we may try to deny this, which is the new reality in computing protection.

Although sophisticated attacks still manage to penetrate PCs with antivirus programs installed, detecting and protecting PC users against malicious software installed on their computers is still of great importance. Brian also mentioned that, he estimates traditional antivirus detects a mere 45 percent of all attacks.

Security provider FireEye puts the ice on the cake by saying that 82 percent of all malware it detects remain active for about an hour and 70 percent of all threats only surface once, as malware authors quickly modify their software to evade detection from traditional antivirus security solutions. Even as an active defense IT security services provider, FireEye still says that, “The function signature-based AV serves has become more akin to ghost hunting than threat detection and prevention”.

To combat nowadays threats, Norton and other security software companies are bringing out new security features designed to stop specific attack avenues and protect you against spam and phishing attempts, malicious websites, and social media shenanigan. Two very good examples of such tools from Norton are Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup. These two powerful programs provide all the necessary protection any PC user needs to attain a maximum level of protection.

Although software like password managers, mobile VPN apps, and secure cloud storage services are not traditionally under the “Antivirus” label, security firms have also begun dabbling into these areas.

Rest assured! Antivirus are not dead and are still of great importance. Only now, an antivirus alone is not enough protection against every day increasing attacks.

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