Acronis True Image Unlimited – perfect way to backup all your PCs

By | January 29, 2015

Acronis True Image Unlimited

Back up your entire PC to the cloud and on a hard drive.

A good amount of PC users don’t even bother about making a regular backup of their files or system anymore. An up-to-date backup is very important, and can be easily accomplished with Acronis providing an unlimited online storage through its True Image 2015 Unlimited backup program. The “Unlimited” here is limited to 3TB, which is more than sufficient to store a huge collection of files and folders.

All your files will be safe in case your local backups get infected or crashes.

All the data you might have stored on a NAS as well as folders and individual files can be easily selected and backup. You may also decide to select specific partitions. Some sluggishness is experienced when you are scrolling down the interface to navigate and open more folders. The scroll bar is relatively small and hard to handle with a cursor, which is very annoyingly since you don’t have the option to scroll with your keyboard arrows.

You may choose to go with the cheaper standard version of True Image as an alternative for your online backups but, you will have to miss the unlimited storage and support on a range of local backup locations. The procedure is the same as for backing up to any online storage. Simply select what you’d like to back up and then choose the location. This can be any storage device i.e. an external HDD, a shared folder on a NAS, an FTP server or even a blank DVD/Blu-ray disc.

True Image seamlessly supports password-protected shared folders. You will be prompt to enter your username and password for the folder as a step of the initial backup configuration process. The fastest and easiest way to backup your entire computer is with the use of an external HDD. This action is done in a matter of minutes.

You can schedule both an online and local backup to run in different time intervals. The backup process can run daily, weekly, monthly or automatically in the background monitoring your files and backing up whenever a change is made. True Image can also keep both the old and new version of a file in case you made a change you now regret. Furthermore, True Image also lets you choose the number of file versions that are to be stored. For recovery from a local backup, you will have to use the Acronis’s built-in file browser or Windows Explorer. While from online backup, you would use the web interface instead.

More features like a possibility to create a rescue disc to help restore your data if your PC suddenly fails to boot are also available. If you are an Android or iOS user, you can use their app to view and access files you’ve backed up to Acronis’ online storage.

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