Acronis True Image for MAC

By | January 3, 2015

Acronis True Image for Mac

Summary: One of the best backup software vendors for windows just released a new version for Mac. But is this product better? My findings will surely provide an answer to that.

Most Mac backup programs except Time Machine are just wrappers for rsync, a utility for Unix OSs that efficiently syncs files and directories on drives. Rsync has great features but what I like most is; it can create bootable volumes. So if your system drive fails, you will be able to restart from backup and get everything back to its last operational state were the backup was made.

With data getting bigger and the demand for real-time information increasing, things are a little difficult for storage enterprises. New technologies like SSDs to virtual storage to network and data transformation are employed by enterprises to keep up.

Time Machine is a good backup software but it’s slow and demands a lot of resource so I stopped using it. Although I think it’s good for casual user but not professionals.

The major advantage a Mac has over windows is that on a Mac, a rsync backup will work on any other Mac PC that supports the same OS version. This is very handy when a system fails and you need to get back up and running.

SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are two of the most popular rsync-based software for Mac. I have bought and used both of them. One on daily basis and the other for partial syncs respectively. These are both very good packages which were very helpful on older version Mac OSs.

I really consider SuperDuper and CCC has tough competitors for Acronis True Image for Mac.

Here are some key differences;

  • The initial backup is faster than rsync.
  • You have the ability to do local and Acronis cloud service backup.
  • Local backup are compressed in .tib file format before being saved and can only be recovered via True Image. As for cloud backups, they are saved in a format that permits it to be recovered to any Mac from the Acronis Cloud web application.
  • Backups can be saved both locally and on the cloud.
  • Local backups can be encrypted by the user but cloud data are automatically done.
  • Your parallels virtual windows machine can be backed up in its active state.
  • Acronis bootable rescue media is of great use when your system doesn’t boot.
  • It keeps the last ten backups for rollback. A full copy is made from the first backup but the others are changes only and are deleted only from the 11th backup.

All the above are great features but there are also some limitations. True Image can’t backup; Mac PC with Bootcamp, Fusion Drive and File Vault 2.

The File vault 2 not being supported might be a deal killer for mobile user and Fusion Drive limitation for iMac users too.

Overall, Acronis True Image stays a good alternative to rsync-based backup software for Macs.

Acronis True Image is a great backup software with a simple and clear user interface which permits easy access and navigation.

Here are a few interface nits:

  • Capacity is measured and displayed in GiB and not GB, which makes things a little confusing since that system was changed by apple 5 years ago.
  • “My Mac” is displayed instead of the drive name.
  • The lack of a search option makes it very difficult to locate your files. Also, the file recovery window displays folders only in hierarchical mode.
  • If you have a Mac without Acronis installed, it will not be possible to recover your files from local storage.

I didn’t test the cloud storage service but I think with the most common upload speed in the US right now, a couple of days if not weeks may be required for your first backup. Further backups will then consume less time.

The last nit I came across was pricing. Acronis True Image cost $49.99 but you get $79.99 if you go for 3 Macs license. As for the Acronis Cloud storage, it’s priced at $49.99/year for 250GB and $189.99 for 1TB.

This is more expensive than what its competitors provide because, you get SuperDuper at $27.95 and unlimited storage at around $50/year provided by online storage vendors like Crashplan and Backblaze.

The True Image all-in-one service is the perfect package for user who value simplicity and ease of use. The file and disk recovery service on local and online, may get millions of user who don’t backup to finally start doing so.

All I can do is felicitate Acronis for introducing a new and helpful software for Mac user.

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