Backup software – the best way to keep your data safe

By | December 27, 2014

Backup Software

Backup software are for those computer users who don’t want their data lost either from files being corrupted, hard drive failures, virus hit and much more. If you have been searching for a solution to this problem there are various choices available to you.

Local file and folder backup software provides backup by creating copies on a local drive or media while imaging softwares creates an image of the entire drive and online backup services will upload your drive data to a safe remote storage location. Most users use a combination of these backup services. In this article, we present two local programs for data backup, one for imaging and an online backup service.

The file to folder back up we will talk about work by backing up selected files and also permits the user to keep both previous and present files and folders. This implies that you can save yesterday’s and today’s version of a particular document and retrieve the one you desire. With the services provided by these programs, it is a great idea to backup important folders like Documents, Photos, Music and Videos or any other valuable folders.

Drive imaging backup software usually makes a complete backup of your entire hard drive or any partition selected. The image obtained contains both local files and folders and system files which makes it useful if your system ever become unusable. In this case, you will need to run a drive imaging program from your emergency CD. This will restore your entire drive from the image you created early in a removable drive or on a network. If the previous disk is completelybad, you can get a new drive and still make use of the image restore process. Images created occupy a lot of space and some as much as the drive you’re backing up.

How backup software works

Most file and folder backup software runs in the background, creating copies of files and folder on schedule, when a new version of a file is stored or when the task is initiated by you. These programs can back all your files on the same drive but it is usually preferable to use a USB drive or over a network. Alternatively, DVDs, CDs or even to a remote FTP site. Also, backup files can be compressed (archives) and encrypted for security purposes.

My Outlook or Windows mail accounts and messages alongside my internet explorer favorites where easily backed up with the use of Acronis True Image Professional. Acronis True Image is a backup software with reliable file and folder backup services and can also backup and restore all the settings of your common application programs.

Online backup services are very advantageous for they provide more security since your files are on an off-site server location. So your data stays available even in case your hard disk fails. With the evolution of cloud technology more and more user practice online backup.

Regularly uploading files to a secured sever is a good idea but there are a few factor that need to be consider when choosing this service.

These factors include;

  • Are new or updated files immediately uploaded?
  • Is synchronization and sharing of data allowed?
  • Can opened or running file be backed up?
  • Is there a web client for restoring?
  • Is a mobile client available?
  • Do they have clients for Mac?

Cost is also an important aspect to be considered which we will talk about in this section.

Although pricing really matters, figuring out if you need unlimited storage or a backup system that covers multiple computers too. Acronis True Image Unlimited offers unlimited storage plan for $99.99 per one year for 1 PC and for those who require backup for multiple computers, limited 250GB cloud plan of $49.99 is available for up to 5 PC per year. Alternatively, Norton offer online backup with 25GB cloud storage for $49.99 a year.

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