Norton security review. Stay protected from any viruses!

By | December 23, 2014

Norton Security

When it comes to security, how secured are your PCs and mobile devices and would you pick an antivirus or a security suite? Norton provided an answer to these questions last year by introducing nine distinct products. This year, a single cross-platform product has been released and is design to replace its nine predecessors. Norton Security is priced at $79.99/year for 5 licenses, but you can always purchase it with coupon code discount via our site. This plan can be upgraded to 10 licenses with an additional online storage of 25GB for backup.

The installation of Norton protection has been simplified by Symantec. The license key is introduced only during the first installation and the process is completed by logging into your online Norton account. Various tasks can be done from the online account. You can download the installer available for Windows, Mac and Android. Also, emails can be sent to mobile devices the user wishes to protect. Irrespective of the route chosen the installation is very fast.

Symantec provides a refund in case they fail to remove a malware or virus for your PC or Mac. Symantec only steps in when Norton fails to solve your problems.

This review focuses on the ability of Norton Security to protect Windows devices only. The Mac edition includes most of the specifications provided on windows except for the parental control and password management. We will soon produce a review for the updated Android edition.

The New appearance

The main window consist of four main panels; Security, Performance, Identity and More Norton. The Backup panel is available only to those who obtained the Backup edition. Navigating from one panel to the other causes the previous panel to shrink downwards there by revealing the panel being clicked in a stylish manner.

The setting window brings a well designed interface with multiple checkboxes permitting the user to rapidly switch components on and off. Maximum security is obtained with default settings applied so most users may have nothing to change. You can also completely control the products configuration in detail if need arises.

Antivirus Labs tests

The Norton Security was recently released so we do not have a complete lab test at this time. This is really unfortunate since we would have really love to take a look at the new enhancements like the automated generic definitions, real-time cloud lookup of scanned files, fast classification with the use of sample clustering and a new behavioral signature among other features provided by Symantec. These additional features intend to provide better protection as compared to the previous version.

Norton scores well in independent labs regardless of the additional features mentioned above. The ICSA and West Coast Labs do not test Symantec consumer product line but still certify Symantec enterprise antivirus for malware detection and removal.