Great features of Acronis True Image backup software

By | November 15, 2014

Acronis True Image 2014

Acronis True Image is suitable for both beginners and experienced users to perform the tasks of protecting corporate and home PC.

Acronis True Image provides a quick system recovery and can restore your installed programs to the state which they were before any problems with your computer occurred.

Acronis True Image provides protection against computer viruses, poor software and hard drive failure.

Nonstop Backup, continuous protection by Acronis, permanently (every five minutes) saves changes in system files, so the user can easily get back to any time point. An auto backup feature allows the user to skip a control process of data backup and software backup.

Online “Cloud” storage allows you to backup and store the most important files at remote storage (5 GB for one year is an initial option). The data will be protected even in case of theft, loss or PC damage. Storage to the “Cloud” guarantees the availability of your data from anywhere in the world.

Acronis True Image offers you different software backup schemes designed for specific needs of different users.

Acronis True Image includes a file shredder which could permanently delete any confidential information if it is necessary. Acronis True Image is able to clean all trace information at your PC.

During the process of disk image creation Acronis True Image does not include swap files to reduce the size of the backup image and to increase the speed of creating and restoring the backup image.

Acronis True Image provides a convenient and user friendly graphical interface, using different wizards and configuration tools. Just make “one click” for backup and restore your software. It is simple and easy to manage!

Acronis True Image will automatically check for software updates at every startup.

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